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Kevin Durant Blasts Charles Barkley, Calls Him A 'Clown'

Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant is not happy with Charles Barkley
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NBA Hall-of-Famer and current TNT analyst Charles Barkley is no stranger to upsetting NBA players. Barkley is unfiltered during his television segments, and while a lot of it is for entertainment purposes, it still often rubs players the wrong way. A recent example of this came on Friday night when Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant called out Barkley following some criticism.

During a recent segment for Bleacher Report, Barkley said Durant is insecure at times. Following Brooklyn's win over the Toronto Raptors on Friday night, Durant responded to Barkley, calling him a clown.

Durant is always active on social media, and is never hesitant to call out haters. This can range from analysts like Barkley, to every day fans on Twitter. Durant has no issue speaking his mind, and he did not appreciate Barkley calling him insecure. This is a label Durant has received a lot since his decision to join the Golden State Warriors in 2017.

This will undoubtedly give Barkley and the TNT crew some content on their next segment, which is often the goal of some of these takes. While Barkley did not seem to be attacking Durant, he did say something that the star forward disagreed with. Durant also took direct exception to the term "insecure" in a follow-up Tweet that read, "I think it’s insecurity when u go on tv trying to take shots at my character as a man. But shit, I’m an ignorant jock, what do I know."

Never afraid to speak his mind, Kevin Durant had time tonight.

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