Victor Oladipo sent out a Tweet on September 3, and the Tweet went absolutely viral. 

The Tweet from Oladipo can be seen in a post that is embedded below. 

Oladipo Tweeted at 10:16 P.M. on September 3: "Low key tired of being single."

The Tweet from last week has over 44,000 likes, over 9,000 retweets and over 1,800 comments. 

Heat Nation sent out a funny Tweet that Oladipo engaged with about his original Tweet, and those posts can both be seen embedded below.

Oladipo began his career with the Orlando Magic in 2013 when he was drafted second overall out of Indiana University. 

He spent the first three seasons of his career in Orlando where he was solid, but did not quite play to the level of a number two overall pick. 

In 2016-17, he spent one season in Oklahoma City with the Thunder, and made the NBA Playoffs for the first time in his career. 

The season after that he went to Indiana in a trade, and he had the best season of his career. 

He exploded as an All-Star and averaged 23.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 4.3 steals and 2.4 steals per game. 

The next season he was also an All-Star, but had his season derailed by a season ending injury, which extended into the 2019-20 season. 

In the middle of last season, Oladipo was traded to the Houston Rockets and after just 20 games in Houston he was then sent to the Miami Heat where he played in four games before a season-ending surgery. 

Oladipo re-signed to play with the Heat again for the 2021-22 NBA season (see Tweet below from Shams Charania of the Athletic).