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WATCH: Does the Thunder Staff Believe the Team is on Schedule?

Josh Giddey's continues to progress his skill set.

During Oklahoma City’s rebuild, the staff is focusing on the individual player development. The team does not look at wins and losses in a vacuum but is using this time to experiment the player’s limits. Throughout this season the Thunder roster has shown clear progressions of players respective games.

“The schedule is now,” Coach Daigneault said,”we don’t get caught up in any artificial timeline.”

Even though Coach Daigneault is staying in the moment with OKC, its evident that each Thunder rookie and a few other players on the roster have made noticeable strides in their game. 

Josh Giddey has been one of the more impressive players. After returning from health and safety protocols, Giddey has averaged 13 points a game, eight rebounds, and 41 percent from the perimeter. Oklahoma City’s players have progressed faster than expected.

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