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WATCH: 'Not Everything That Counts can be Counted'

Sam Presti uses a quote by Albert Einstein to describe this season.

In Sam Presti’s introduction of his exit interview he was stating what he felt the team accomplished this season.

While some look towards certain numbers and statistics to rate success, Presti felt that their wins weren’t always quantifiable.

To get his thoughts correctly, he quoted the great Albert Einstein.

“I think we have a lot of that stuff. It makes me think about a quote that I read a long time ago from Albert Einstein which says that not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts,” Presti said. “That to me is what this team and the things you need to look at is all about.”

Presti could be referring to various things with this thought process. But it’s important to note the improved development each player gained on the Thunder this season.

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“For us, I think a lot of the stuff that really counts in the phase that we're in, you can't put a number on. You can't put a label on,” Presti stated. “It's stuff you have to really watch every game and every minute and watch the growth, the fallback, the failure, the learning, and coming back and doing it again.”

The players on Oklahoma City truly improved over the course of the season. A few looked completely different from the beginning of the season versus how they finished.

That type of growth might not show on the win-loss record, but it shows in each player’s individual game.

These improvements need to carry into next season for them to be considered successful.

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