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Chicago Bulls or New England Patriots: Was Legendary NBA or NFL Dynasty Greater?

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Tom Brady is getting his own version of The Last Dance.

But which dynasty was greater: Brady's with the New England Patriots in the NFL or Michael Jordan's with the Chicago Bulls in the NBA? I asked our Ben Pickman and "The Fantasy Exec" Corey Parson for their takes.

Pickman for Patriots: I think the Patriots dynasty is a little bit more impressive than the Bulls dynasty. Consider Tom Brady's tenure as New England's starting quarterback, 18 years as the starter. They made nine Super Bowl appearances, winning six, losing three. Now, that's impressive in its own right. But when you consider the nature of football as a sport, of course, the rosters are completely different sizes, but taking into account postseason play and how flukey often games can be. We've seen that with the Saints and the pass interference penalty that was not called and them being stripped of a Super Bowl appearance. Not always does the best team win in the NFL. Oftentimes the best team actually falls short of reaching the sport's biggest game. And so I think that's one of the things that's most impressive about New England, is that over an 18 year period of time, they were able to excel despite maybe overcoming some of those obstacles.

Parson for Bulls: No, I disagree with that. Listen, that extended period of success, a lot of thathas to do with playing in the AFC East. Look at the competition that Tom Brady had to go up against outside of Peyton Manning. I mean, he had a Super Bowl victory over Jared Goff. While Michael Jordan was shattering the dreams of Hall of Famers, Tom Brady was shattering Jared Goff's dreams. And then there's the fact of two losses to the Giants and one to the Eagles. I hate to live in hypotheticals, but they should have lost to Seattle and should have lost to Atlanta as well. The Bulls were dominant. They only went to a seven game series twice and never went seven in the Finals. I think you always knew Michael Jordan would win. And as far as that luck goes, the Patriots had a lot of that and a lot break right for them along their stretch. So I think the Bulls are definitely better than the Patriots.

Verdict: I'm not a fan of any should've arguments, I don't like to discredit wins. This one could certainly go either way because dynasties don't happen in the NFL like that of the Patriots, at least not over an extended period of time. And we've seen plenty in the NBA. That's due to a combination of the differences in sports, structure and formats. But at the same time, the Chicago Bulls resonate more with people and did seem untouchable, while the New England Patriots are not very well liked and have some cheating scandals in the process there. And as mentioned, they also played in the AFC East, which should've been renamed "Patriots and Friends".