Does Zion Deserve to be the NBA 2K21 Cover Star?

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As the rollout for the Playstation 5 has begun, part of that promo featured a teaser for NBA 2K21. And New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson was featured heavily in said promotion.

This has led to the belief that Zion will be the next cover athlete for basketball's biggest video game. But considering he hasn't played much in the NBA, is Zion already cover worthy? Sports Illustrated host Robin Lundberg discussed with SI's Ben Pickman and "The Fantasy Exec" Corey Parson.

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Robin Lundberg: NBA 2K21 is on the way as part of a PS5 rollout, Zion Williamson was featured heavily in promotion, making many suspect he will be the cover athlete. For more, I'm joined by our Ben Pickman and the fantasy exec Corey Parson. Now, guys, obviously Zion Williamson very popular, but is he to cover worthy status already? Ben, let's start with you. 

Ben Pickman: Absolutely not, Robin. I mean, as you mentioned, I think Zion will be cover worthy in the next two, three, four years or so. But right now, I think it's a little bit too early. I mean, Zion Williamson has played just 19 career NBA games this season. He is outside the top 300 in terms of minutes logged behind guys like Rodney Hood and Raul Neto. I think Zion, again, with those flashy dunks, is a worthy candidate. But let's turn to another candidate who probably is more deserving, Luka Doncic. I mean, Doncic has now played two seasons or will finish up his second season and is already an MVP frontrunner. He'll be heading into his third season. He has global appeal because of his background. I think Luca over Zion makes a lot more sense for the next 2K game. 

Robin Lundberg: You know, Corey, Ben makes a good point. He supports it with facts. But then there is just the appeal of Zion Williamson and he does make good points.

Corey Parson: But those points won't be necessary because when you look at where Zion Williamson came from is YouTube, everybody is on YouTube right now. Yeah, I love Luka. Guys like Trae Young. But the bottom line of the matter is the next big star in the NBA. You know what? The next big story in sports entertainment is going to be Zion Williamson. He's got all the package, the whole tools plays in the city of New Orleans. So, yeah, Zion's on the move. 

Robin Lundberg: You know, this isn't a really important argument, but as far as all facets of it, I think we have it covered. 

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