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Jumping up and down, Draymond Green waived a towel over his head in the fourth quarter inside FedExForum. 

The Warriors were trailing by 50, though, to that point — flirting with an all-time bad loss in the playoffs. To Green, he wanted to match the energy that fans in Memphis provided as the Warriors clearly didn't do that on the floor with their play.

"They're not going to whoop that trick alone," Green said. "We're going to whoop that trick together if we're going to whoop that trick."

Green's night was over early as the star forward was yanked from play as Golden State fell behind by 50 points in the third quarter. After committing 5 of the Warriors' 22 turnovers himself, the warmup jump suit was on quickly for the Michigan State product.

Before Game 5, Warriors guard Stephen Curry told ESPN the game plan for the potential closeout opportunity was to "whoop that trick," as a nod to the song in the movie "Hustle & Flow" about a Memphis rapper trying to make it in the industry.

The Grizzlies obviously took that personally as they chanted the lyrics in the fourth quarter during a timeout as Memphis was in the midst of dominating Golden State in all aspects of the game.

Thats where Green decided to join in the fun.

"One thing I don't respect is people who only bring it when they win it. Or embrace crowds when you win," Green said after the game. "We call those front-runners. We're not front-runners, you know? We got our ass kicked. That's alright, it happens. 

"But you don't be front-runners," Green continued. "When you spew it out, you got to be willing to take it and not hide from it, not duck from it, not run from it. Embrace it. I appreciated the crowd tonight, the energy they brought to the game. If they want to whoop that trick, we're going to whoop them together."