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While Klay Thompson's overall shooting splits have fluctuated this postseason, the three-time champion has had some big time moments during this playoff run. Coming off of his series-clinching performance in Game 6 vs. the Memphis Grizzlies, Klay struggled with his three-point shot in the WCF opener vs. Dallas, shooting just 1/4 from deep.

Despite Klay's subpar night from distance, the two-way guard was still 7/13 from the field overall, pulled down five rebounds, dished out four assists, and blocked a pair of shots. All of this led to a +20 plus/minus, and an eventual Golden State Warriors blowout victory. With some critics still focused on his three-point efficiency, Draymond Green believes Klay is being poorly critiqued by people who only know how to analyze misses and makes.

"I think where he's come from January 9th to today is incredible," Draymond said of Klay. "Being able to compete at this level, and do it after what he's gone through, it's amazing. I've been seeing these narratives about Klay Thompson this, Klay Thompson that. He hasn't hit shots at the rate that he hits shots, but it further shows me how people don't know basketball. Because I've been seeing these narratives like Klay is playing bad, and I actually believe in the game like man, he's playing really good basketball." Draymond finished his answer saying, "It really goes to show me that people can only identify if you're making or missing a shot."

While Klay's shooting has been up and down, he is still knocking down his threes at a 40.2% clip in these playoffs, which ranks 1st amongst all players who have taken at least 100 threes. If Klay continues impacting the game in multiple different ways, and his inconsistent shooting continues to level out around 40%, then Draymond has a good point about his critics being out of line.

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