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The Highlight Reel

Missed something this week? Catch up on the top stories from The MMQB


Monday Morning Quarterback: ‘Chuckstrong’ Is Gone, but the Urgency Isn’t • By Peter King :: What Chuck Pagano is doing to keep the Colts motivated after last year's memorable season; final thoughts from my camp tour


Heavy Is the Head That Wears the Eagles’ Crown • By Don Banks :: Michael Vick is the Eagles' starter, but if you ask Chip Kelly, the best view for Vick this season might be the one over his shoulder


Contenders Need Some Catching Up • By Peter King :: The Patriots and 49ers are putting their Super Bowl hopes in the hands of unknowns at receiver

A Coach’s Dismay Keeps the Doctor Away • By Andrew Brandt :: Will RG3 play in the preseason? Should he? It's a dilemma that might not have mattered had the QB and his coach relied on the opinion of the man paid to know best

‘Every Record Means Something’ • By Peter King :: Reigning MVP Adrian Peterson has Eric Dickerson in his sights for this season—and beyond that, he’s coming for Emmitt Smith


A Brief History of Preseason Pointlessness • By Andrew Lawrence :: Nobody likes the preseason. Believe it or not, though, it was even worse once upon a time

‘I Am Not Part of the Media’ • By Richard Deitsch :: So says Randy Moss. But the former receiving great will be a regular on FOX’s football shows this season. Will he be as brilliant—and polarizing—on the air as he was on the field?


There Are No Little Things • By Peter King ::Games can be won or lost months before they’re played—in cramped classrooms as schemes are installed. We sat in as coach Bruce Arians, the Cardinals’ profane perfectionist, taught Larry Fitzgerald and crew a critical element of his offense

Immune to the Haters • By Jim Trotter ::The 49ers made a deal for the man who torched them in the Super Bowl. What they've gotten from Anquan Boldin goes well beyond the skills he displayed last February

Fear the Lions' Front

For various reasons, Detroit's pass rush failed it in key moments in 2012. A makeover, though, could restore the roar to Ford Field