Julius Peppers (right) will be terrorizing other NFC North QBs this year after he joined the Packers this offseason.
Jeff Haynes/SI
July 01, 2014

Is there a true Super Bowl contender in the NFC North? The Green Bay Packers? The Chicago Bears ... the Detroit Lions? SI.com’s John DePetro, Chris Burke and Doug Farrar examine that and more in this edition of the Audibles Podcast.

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Other topics include:

• Was Jim Caldwell the right choice for the Lions? "The Lions are in need of a guy with an overriding vision, who will come in and say, 'OK, line up behind me or get out,'" says Doug Farrar. "I just don't see Caldwell as that kind of guy."

• Expectations for Teddy Bridgewater in Year 1: "Louisville asked him to do a lot of the things in that offense that NFL quarterbacks have to do -- make reads at the line, adjust the offensive line, call out hot routes and all those sorts of things that the best NFL quarterbacks are capable of doing," says Chris Burke. "Bridgewater is not going to step in and be Aaron Rodgers, but he's further along in development in that aspect of his game than any quarterback in this [draft] class."

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• Who would you rather have: Jay Cutler or Matthew Stafford: "I think Stafford has mechanical failures, but he's still a young kid [26 years old]," says Doug Farrar. "I think over time, he can be put in that elite dimension if he fixes a few things. With Cutler, yeah he has a lot of talent, but that's not the guy I'd want running the most important position on my franchise."

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