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Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker visited a concussion specialist in February and was cleared to play in the NFL in 2015, he told Denver's NBC affiliate 9News. 

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April 30, 2015

Former Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker visited a concussion specialist and was cleared to play in the NFL in 2015, he told Denver's NBC affiliate 9News. 

In February, Welker met with Dr. Stanley Herring, a Seattle Seahawks' team physician and a member of the NFL's Neck, Head & Spine committee, which establishes the league's head trauma procedures.

Welker said he wants NFL teams to know he is fine and that he has not suffered ill-effects from concussions he sustained with Denver over the previous two seasons. 

"I knew there were concerns out there but on top of that I wanted to know for my own peace of mind," he told 9News.

"If there was something wrong, I wanted to know. The doctor said some people are able to take those hits. They get up and are able to come back from them. And there's some people who get them and they're never the same," Welker said. 

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"For me, everything came out all good. My cognitive tests were good. All kinds of tests came out good. I had a trip to Miami and they're doctors said everything looked good."

Welker became a free agent in March when his contract with the Broncos expired. He is currently without a team. 

In 2014, Welker caught 49 passes for 464 yards and two touchdowns. The five-time Pro Bowler spent six seasons with New England, three with Miami and one with San Diego. He has 9,822 career receiving yards. 

- Will Green

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