Champ Bailey told Fox Sports he hopes Wes Welker doesn't return to football because of the receiver's concussion issues. 

By SI Wire
July 24, 2015

Former cornerback Champ Bailey said he hopes wide receiver Wes Welker chooses to retire instead of coming back for a 12th NFL season. 

Bailey played with Welker for one season in Denver, and thinks Welker's multiple concussions make it too risky for another season.

Welker suffered multiple concussions in his two seasons in Denver. After missing only four regular season games from 2004-2012, Welker missed 10 the last two years. 

“I don’t want Wes to play for my own personal reasons. I’ve seen him get concussions. It scares me,” Bailey said on FOX Sports. “I think he can still play, but I don’t want him to play because of these concussions.

“This thing is no joke. It’s a serious thing when you start talking about your head. And for him to have to worry about that at a young age that he is now, he has to think about those years to come, and I just hope he hangs them up and not strap it on again.”

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In 2014, Welker recorded the second-least number of receptions and lowest number of yards in his career since becoming a full-time receiver in 2005.

Welker owns the NFL record for most seasons with over 100 receptions. He is currently a free agent.

- Rohan Nadkarni

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