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On this episode of the On the Clock podcast, Chris Burke is joined by Dan Kadar of SBNation and Kevin Fishbain of

By Chris Burke
October 01, 2015

Football season may have just arrived, but NFL draft season is a year-long experience. Introducing the On the Clock NFL Draft Podcast with Chris Burke, a weekly look at the prospects of the 2016 draft and the NFL teams most in need of their services.

Much of this podcast's focus is on the college prospects and their preparation for the NFL draft next spring, but a huge part of the draft process is what the NFL teams plan to do with those prospects, and this week's episode touches on both topics. Chris Burke is first joined by Dan Kadar of SBNation to break down where some of the NCAA's top tight ends and safeties stand on draft boards right now. Then, Kevin Fishbain of joins Burke to discuss what positions the Bears may look to fill in the 2016 draft (hint: quarterback) and which players will best fit their scheme. 

If you have any feedback, want us to break down a particular prospect or want to weigh on with your own draft predictions, reach out to Burke on Twitter, and don't forget to subscribe to the On The Clock podcast here.

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