Panthers QB Cam Newton opens up about son, Chosen

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton opened up about the birth of his son Chosen on Thursday.
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Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton opened up about the birth of his son Chosen on Thursday, reports ESPN’s David Newton.

Newton announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he and his longtime girlfriend had a son last week, and also tweeted that he had been quiet about the birth because he “didn’t want to create a distraction for [his] team.”

The MVP candidate disclosed Thursday, however, his thoughts about becoming a father.

“It was pretty cool, pretty cool,” Newton said. “All fathers can speak on -- when you see life come into existence, it’s a wonderful thing. These past couple of days have been so monumental for me.”

Newton also joked that his son is already representing the family name well.

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“I took him out for a jog yesterday,” Newton added. “He was running alongside me ... No, I’m serious. He has a couple of scholarship offers already on the table. I’m not pushing him to be anything. He’s just a ‘Super’ already.”

Carolina dropped its first game of the season to the Atlanta Falcons in Week 16, just following the birth of Newton’s son on Christmas Eve. Newton attributed the 20–13 loss to a lack of practice due to heavy rains, as well as the Christmas holiday, rather than his son’s arrival.

“We had a lot of distractions last week,” Newton said. “The main one was the practice schedule more than anything. That’s probably been the [least] amount of practice since I’ve gotten here.”

The NFC South champion Panthers (14–1) host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6–9) on Sunday to close out the regular season.