FILE - In this Feb. 29, 2016, file photo, Ohio State defensive back Tyvis Powell runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis. Powell is one of about a dozen Buckeyes likely to turn the NFL draft on April 28-30 into an infomercial for
Michael Conroy, File
April 20, 2016

Ohio State safety Tyvis Powell is one of about 10 Ohio State players who will likely be selected next week in the NFL draft, which starts April 28 in Chicago.

He won't be among the first Buckeyes selected. He is probably a Day 3 three pick, but with so many of his close friends leaving Columbus, Ohio, after last season, he passed on his final year of eligibility, too. Powell, 22, has already graduated with a degree in sports industry.

When he is done playing he would like to be a coach - but he hopes that day is a long way off.

Powell has been sharing with The Associated Press his thoughts and experiences with the draft process, his former Buckeyes teammates, and what it has taken him to get this far. And he's been laughing all the way. Powell is refreshingly jovial and fun-loving. He works an `LOL' into even the most routine text message, and laughs his way through most conversations.

In the latest addition of Powell's draft diary Q&A, he talks about being careful with his money and his draft-day plans.

Q: What do you think about playing for the Cleveland Browns, the team you grew up rooting for?

A: ''To be at home and play for your hometown team is like a lot of people's dreams. You'll be a legend.''

(Note: Powell was raised by his mother and has an older brother and older sister.)

Q: Do you still get treated like the baby?

A: ''That's what they call me. But I'm taller than both of them and I'm more mature. I don't act like the youngest.''

(Powell said his sister, who is six years older, sometimes gets protective.)

''Anytime I get a girlfriend, she's like, `Well I need to meet her.' I'm like, `What does it got to do with you? Who do you think you are? Mommy?' `I have to approve of her, Tyvis.' Your opinion really don't matter to me, but OK.''

Q: After you sign, will try to buy something for your mom?

A: ''My mother always said that she wanted an extension on her house. She don't want to move out of the house. (But) It's not like I'm going first round. One thing about me, when I get my money I'm going to be frugal with it. You don't stay rich by spending the money, so I'm going to make sure I'm going to budget myself and make sure I got the right amount. Then when I get some money, I can get a lot more money, and until I can pay for that extension to be put on (her) house I can just help around the house with a couple of bills.

''Later on in life, hopefully I go out there and have a good season, I do a contract negotiation and I hit it big. THEN I can talk about doing something big. But right now we got to start small.

''I know where I potentially may fall, and I know it ain't going to be like Joey Bosa, like Ezekiel Elliott ... they can go out and splurge. I got to put a little extra work in.''

Q: How much of the draft will you watch? When will you get locked in?

A: ''From the 11th grade, I always said that I was going to be working out on the day of the draft. I'm going to do that Thursday.

Now Friday (Rounds 2-3), I might catch that late tail end. I really don't even want to watch it like that because, man, you're going to be sitting there freaking out. So I just want to go do something normal. I want to treat it like a normal, regular day. I know (Ohio State safety) Vonn (Bell) told me he's going to go fishing. I might go fishing with him. Go out somewhere chillin', just waiting for your phone to ring. You don't know what pick it is. You don't know what round it is. They going to call, you'll be like, `I'm excited. Yay.' I'm going to definitely find some activity to do.

''The party is for the people that are going first round. After you get the phone call, then you can let the party begin a little bit.''


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