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Von Miller was a hard man to reach after he won Super Bowl MVP.

By Extra Mustard
August 16, 2016

Von Miller was a hard man to reach after he won Super Bowl MVP.

After the Broncos linebacker won game MVP honors, he went completely off the grid, and used his mother as his personal call-and-text screener. He got hundreds of messages, from very famous people—but he didn't see them for a month, because he turned one of his phones on airplane mode before the Super Bowl. 

Here's the scoop, from Sports Illustrated's feature on Miller, written by Greg Bishop:

Gloria is her son’s gatekeeper. She says she has missed just one of his events—a DWTS appearance—in his entire life, because she was attending a baby shower. Two weeks before Super Bowl 50, Von switched one of his two cellphones to airplane mode, blocking out the outside world. When he changed the setting back, one month after the game, he had 840-odd unread messages—from his jeweler, from Drake from Odell Beckham Jr. . . . He didn’t bother responding. Those who really needed to get in touch called Gloria. “It’s always: ‘I’m so-and-so . . . Von told me to call you,’ ” she says. “I’m like, He what?!”

Maybe Drake should join Snapchat, Von's social network of choice. It'd be easier to contact him that way.

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