Reggie Bush wearing custom cleats to honor Joe McKnight

Reggie Bush will honor the late Joe McKnight, a fellow USC Trojan, with his cleats this weekend.
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Reggie Bush honored the late Joe McKnight, a fellow USC Trojan, with his cleats for Sunday’s game against the Raiders.

Bush, now with the Buffalo Bills, posted a photo on Twitter of the custom USC-colored shoes, which he will wear in memory of McKnight, who was shot and killed this week in his native Louisiana at an intersection. The details of the case remain somewhat cloudy, with the suspect not formally charged after firing three shots and killing the former Jets and Chiefs running back.

Bush noted on Twitter that the cleats had a small error, with McKnight’s birth year (1983 instead of 1988) originally inscribed incorrectly. He said he plans to fix them.


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McKnight followed Bush at USC at the tailback position, and Bush has been outspoken on social media about McKnight’s killing.

The NFL is allowing players to wear custom cleats this week to raise awareness for a cause of their choice.