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How We Got to Patriots-Falcons, What We'll See in Super Bowl 51, Big Offseason in Green Bay

Plus, the end of the Ryan Grigson Era in Indianapolis, what Kyle Shanahan can do at QB if he takes the San Francisco job and more

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As always, Andy and I have media that is so very social. We moved the mailbag portion of the podcast to the Thursday show, when we’ll answer as many questions as humanly possible (playoffs, offseason, coaching carousel, draft, anything is fair game):

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This week's show:

1. Patriots get back on track vs. Steelers’ soft secondary — 2:15

2. No Le’Veon Bell for Pittsburgh, but Pats D rises to the occasion — 6:41

3. Steelers’ future: With Martavis Bryant set to return things are looking up; what to do with Lawrence Timmons — 12:52

4. Falcons offense overwhelms shorthanded Packers secondary — 16:43

5. Aaron Rodgers merely very good as Dan Quinn unveils some surprises on D — 19:20

6. Packers’ future: Retaining Jared Cook and TJ Lang, does Dom Capers return? How about Clay Matthews? — 22:37

7. Quick Look Ahead to Super Bowl 51 Matchup — 30:26

8. Ryan Grigson out; a look back at his tenure in Indianapolis — 34:42

9. What would Kyle Shanahan do at QB in San Francisco? And would Chip Kelly replace him as Atlanta’s OC? — 39:11

10. Weekly Awards: Conference Championships — 46:54