The 32-Team Draft Extravaganza

New QBs are coming in, the Browns add a bunch of supreme athletes, John Lynch gets everything he wants and big changes are coming for Cam Newton and Carolina... we break down the draft classes for all 32 teams and what it all means
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It took three hours to record and we took two bathroom breaks along the way, but ultimately Andy and I said everything we know about this year’s draft class. Draft grades are for dumb jerks, so we don’t have them. But we do say what we like and don’t like about all 32 teams’ drafts, and more importantly, what it means going forward.

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This week’s show:


• Chiefs: The draft’s most aggressive move, but little help for ’17 — 1:17

• Raiders: So did they get a slot cornerback in Conley or what? A rebuilt secondary includes the athletic Obi, but linebacker still a question — 6:51

• Broncos: Continuing to re-do that offensive line, and a Jake Butt sighting — 12:48

• Chargers: Mike Williams doesn’t fill a need… unless they’re worried about Keenan Allen — 16:42


• Jets: Safeties and receivers as they try to build a roster from scratch, looking forward to the 2018 draft — 21:00

• Patriots: Among their few picks is an edge rusher that everyone kinda wanted, and Nate Solder is put on notice — 25:26

• Dolphins: Spin-o-rama Charles Harris gives them a third pass rusher and Cameron Wake heir apparent — 27:39

• Bills: They pick up a 2018 first-rounder and prove just how desperate they are at cornerback, and will they franchise Sammy Watkins after declining his fifth-year option? As for the front office shakeup, I dunno, man. — 29:31


• Browns: Lots of great athletes. Didn’t reach for a QB. Good on you, Browns. — 38:26

• Bengals: Joe Mixon plants his red flags here, talent-wise the skill positions get a lot more dynamic — 42:50

• Steelers: They draft a guy who knows J.J. Watt, making an interesting pass rush pair with Bud Dupree. Martavis Bryant busts Sammie Coates’ stones (and it hits a little close to home) — 49:19

• Ravens: So many Alabama guys available! Lots of good corners there now — 58:43


• Texans: How do they build this offense for Deshaun Watson? (And how are they gonna run the ball with this O-line?) — 1:01:21

• Colts: Good news for the secondary as the defense gets rebuilt, that frickin’ orangutan announcing picks on the touchscreen — 1:07:49

• Jaguars: Offense refocuses on Leonard Fournette and the run game, getting play-action going again for Bortles — 1:15:06

• Titans: Corey Davis and how the Titans don’t necessarily need a burner for their play-action passing game; Adoree’ Jackson and Dick LeBeau’s newfound love for man coverage — 1:18:39


• 49ers: John Lynch gets everything he wants as the 49ers are 2017 NFL Draft Champions — 1:23:14

• Cardinals: Not gonna be redshirting their first-round pick this year, Budda Baker gives them an interesting pair of safeties — 1:32:19

• Rams: More tight ends and receivers but not a lot more speed — 1:36:58

• Seahawks: More O-line shuffling, and is a move to more man coverage coming? — 1:41:43


• Eagles: They address the pass rush, but plenty of question marks remain at cornerback. Also, the prospect of tiny Darren Sproles and tiny Donnel Pumphrey on the field at the same time — 1:47:13

• Cowboys: They finally get their edge guy and then take a million corners — 1:52:30

• Giants: Will Tye’s reign of terror is over, Davis Webb and the overrated art of the developmental quarterback — 1:55:31

• Washington: Addressing the front seven, and so many frickin’ corners on this roster now! — 2:02:08


• Bears: In Trubisky they trust (and why it’s not surprising they signed Glennon and drafted a QB high). And they didn’t take anyone who will help in 2017. — 2:06:45

• Packers: Lots of secondary help as Dom Capers rejoices, Jamaal Williams is a name to know for fantasy dorks — 2:14:21

• Lions: Jarrad Davis is the new DeAndre Levy, some nice depth at cornerback now, a playing partner for Eric Ebron — 2:19:43

• Vikings: What do you make of the Sam Bradford trade now? Dalvin Cook becomes the king of this backfield, suddenly the roster looks pretty alright — 2:24:28


• Panthers: Holy crap, they’re totally re-doing this offense! Will a quick-strike attack work with Cam? — 2:30:48

• Bucs: Everything’s turning up Milhouse in Tampa. More speed comes in, what of Cameron Brate, and Doug Martin optimism? — 2:35:25

• Falcons: They get exactly what they needed, a second edge rusher. (Man, this defense got good quick) — 2:42:00

• Saints: The never-ending rebuild continues on defense as Saints make six picks in the first three rounds — 2:46:12