This is audio gold. 

By Dan Gartland
July 07, 2017

One of the funniest moments of last NFL season was Jeff Fisher losing his red challenge flag under layers and layers of jackets. It’s even funnier now that we have Fisher’s real-time reaction on tape. 

The Rams’ disaster of a season is the subject of a new series from Amazon called All or Nothing. It provides plenty of behind-the-scenes access but none more important than this clip of Fisher mic’d up on that fateful day in Foxborough. The best part is definitely how the refs start making fun of him for his inevitable appearance on “C’mon Man.”

• Watch the moment Jeff Fisher told his Rams staff he had been fired

(A warning: the clip contains a whole bunch of profanity.)

You also have to hand it to Fisher for being able to laugh at himself. Although, it’s definitely easier to have a chuckle after you win the challenge. 

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