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  • The legacies of Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees considering they have only one ring apiece, the Vikings QB situation, and the latest in airport sweatpants fashions, among the questions we tackle in yet another mailbag sequel
By Gary Gramling
August 22, 2017

Hey, that thing is still going! We’re still doing mailbag questions!

I don’t really have anything else to go. And all the questions are below. So . . . yeah. Also, you really should be subscribing to The MMQB: 10 Things Podcast at this point. Perhaps you’d have more friends if you did. But for now, “Mailbag IV: Mailbag With a Vengeance” . . .

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Mailbag IV: Mailbag With a Vengeance . . .

Because the CBA limits practice time, why don’t NFL teams just hire more coaches so they can do more with that practice time?—2:49

It seems like BS that teams develop great players only to see them leave via free agency. How about a system like the NBA, where a team trying to retain its own free agents can offer a contract of which only 75% counts against the cap?—5:34

What have the Cowboys done right in building their O-line, great drafting or great coaching?—9:47

Will we get to a point where the NFL features more college-style spread offenses?—11:43

What’s the deal with the Patriots and all those bear fronts?—14:58

Isn’t Buffalo’s offensive line really underrated?—18:07

Could teams just rotate in two units of jumbo personnel?—20:57

Would Steelers have been better off if Dick LeBeau was still there?—24:33

What football books or documentaries would you recommend?—27:46

How come football players wear helmets when rugby players don’t?—30:57

What would Drew Brees have to do to move into the discussion of best two or three QBs of all time?—37:15

If Washington’s offensive scheme is so good, why doesn’t someone just copy it?—39:52

Have the Patriots ever had an easier path to an AFC East title?—41:36

Besides better players and coaches, what can teams do to improve?—43:22

Is there any reason for Bills fans to be excited about this upcoming season?—44:57

Will we ever see the run-and-shoot make a comeback?—47:07

Was Marcel Reece really the best player on the 2012 Raiders? Can a fullback ever be the best player on his team?—48:45

How will the Patriots use Brandin Cooks? Out wide or in the slot?—52:07

I think Andrew Sharp of the Open Floor Podcast is just the worst. Do you think Andrew Sharp of the Open Floor Podcast is just the worst?—53:05

Isn’t it a travesty that special teams players don’t get to introduce themselves and their alma maters before games?—53:56

Should Malcolm Butler get paid? Also, does Andy wear a sweatshirt with his sweatpants in airports?—55:03

How should the Vikings handle their situation at QB after this season, with Bradford and Bridgewater both potential free agents?—58:28

What is up with Kevin White?—1:00:03

If Aaron Rodgers only wins one ring in his career, will he be a disappointment?—1:00:36

Where should (would have) Malik McDowell play for the Seahawks?—1:03:45

How bad can Denver’s QB be for them still to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders?—1:04:57

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