Aaron Rodgers is unflappable.

By Dan Gartland
September 01, 2017

Aaron Rodgers is unflappable. Defensive linemen barreling downhill at him do not faze him. Weather so cold he can’t feel his fingertips cannot stop his passes from finding their marks. A touchdown deficit in the game’s closing moments doesn’t even make him sweat. 

A stranger kissing Rodgers on the head is no exception. 

At the Packers’ annual luncheon this week—the one where Rodgers and backup Brett Hundley dressed up in Men in Black costumes—Rodgers had a chat with a fan. As she walked away, she kissed him on the head. Was Rodgers thrown by the intimate moment with a stranger. No, no way. He just, as one Twitter user put it, “looks at the camera like he's in an episode of The Office.”

Or maybe he wasn’t even surprised because he’s so deified in Wisconsin that this happens all the time. 

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