So that’s where Jeff Fisher is. 

By Dan Gartland
September 11, 2017

NFL season is upon us and for only the second time since 1994 Jeff Fisher is not a head coach. It feels weird, doesn’t it, to watch a game and not have to wonder, aloud or to yourself, “How is that guy still employed?” With the Patriots having been blown out and the Rams putting up 46 points, this NFL season already feels pretty bizarre, and Jeff Fisher’s ever-present mediocrity isn’t there to help us reorient ourselves. 

You may find yourself wondering where Jeff Fisher is and how he’s doing and whether he misses you too. And I’m happy to report he’s doing just fine. 

Bozeman is 700 miles from Seattle and 700 miles from Denver. It’s the farthest away from the NFL you can possible get, and I don’t blame Jeff Fisher for that one bit. 

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