According to the Chicago Tribune, Charles Tillman is training to become an FBI agent.

By Khadrice Rollins
September 19, 2017

Charles Tillman retired from the NFL in the summer of 2016 after 12 seasons with the Bears and one year with the Panthers. The former All-Pro cornerback is reportedly pursuing a second career in a very different field.

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, Tillman is training to become an FBI agent, making use of the criminal justice degree he earned from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Tillman, 36, does not have much time to make this happen though. FBI guidelines stipulate that candidates for hiring must be older than 23, but younger than 37. Tillman turns 37 on Feb. 3.

It's not quite as funny as police officer Shaq, but "'Peanut' Tillman: FBI Agent" would make an amazing USA Network series.

"He used to tackle receivers, but now he tackles crime." The corny taglines would write themselves.

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