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Redskins Running Backs Buy Xbox for Kid After Complimenting His Kaepernick Jersey

Jaden Watts didn’t believe at first that Rob Kelley and Keith Marshall wanted to buy him an Xbox One. 

10-year-old Jaden Watts was bored while his grandmother got her makeup done at a Virigina shopping center on Tuesday, so he decided to walk into GameStop. He walked out with a brand new Xbox One, purchased by Redskins running backs Rob Kelley and Keith Marshall.

Kelley and Marshall gave Jaden props on his Colin Kaepernick jersey when he walked into the store, and when they heard him ask the cashier how much an Xbox One costs they saw the opportunity to do something nice for a football fan. 

“I’ve been in that place where I wanted something and couldn't have it,” Kelley told ESPN. “So it felt good just to be in a position to spare two, three hundred dollars to help a kid out like it’s not going to affect me no type of way. Why not? I understand what he's going through.”

Kelley and Marshall chipped in to get Jaden an Xbox One and a copy of the newly released NBA 2K18. They didn’t try to brag about their generosity, either. The only reason we’re hearing about it is because another customer wrote about it on Facebook and his post went semi-viral. 

Jaden didn’t even realize at first that they were NFL players. The next day, he couldn’t believe it actually happened. 

“Jaden flew on cloud nine to the car,” Jaden’s grandmother, Saundra Watts told the Washington Post. “The next morning, he woke up and looked at me and said, ‘Nana, I had a dream that I was in a GameStop and two Redskins players bought me an Xbox.’ I said, ‘That wasn’t a dream, you dodo, that really happened.’ It was un-be-lievable. Unbelievable. He’s just such a good kid and it was just such a blessing. It was just so wonderful, the experience of a lifetime.”