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A Cat on The Field Might Have Been The Best Part of The Ravens' 40-0 Blowout

A cat on the field might have been the best part of Thursday Night Football.

The Baltimore Ravens destroyed the Miami Dolphins 40–0 on Thursday, leaving many fans stuck watching the end in boredom save for a few fights

However one feline friend made the game a little more interesting for everybody still sticking it out to the end, when Thursday Night Football was interrupted by a cat running across the field. 

It was fast, and it was fearless. 

But it wasn't just loyal fans watching across the country who became enamored by the stripped cat blazing across the grass.

The commentators also had a great time narrating its movements, providing a laugh and a much needed positive story in a night that saw Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco leave with a concussion. 

This cat was the hero we all needed Thursday night. Here's hoping we see this kitty again.