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Matt Forte Questions Jets OC John Morton for Not Running the Ball More

Matt Forte was left questioning some of the Jets play calls in the fourth quarter.

Matt Forte vocally questioned some of the odd coaching decisions that led to the Jets' latest collapse against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium.

Rain fell for the entire game and the Jets, mainly offensive coordinator John Morton, decided to go with 13 passes and two runs in the fourth quarter. 

"I only had four carries this game, so I don't really think we ran the ball enough with the weather being the way it was," Forte told reporters after the game. "I think that kind of hurt us."

"I'm definitely surprised by that, because we knew the weather was going to be like that," Forte added, according to the New York Daily New. "It continued to rain the entire game. I think we only ran the ball 20 times. (There) should have been at least one person getting 20 carries -- something like that -- with the way the weather was. I thought we were going to grind them out on the ground like that, but it ended up not turning out that way."

The Jets are now 3–5 on the season. The Jets running backs finished the day with 42 yards on 20 carries.