So that’s how the Bears’ season is going.

By Dan Gartland
November 27, 2017

I have a bit of a mouse problem in my apartment, so I was not terribly surprised to be greeted by the stench of death upon my return from the Thanksgiving holiday. (Some time between Wednesday and Sunday, a mouse got caught in a trap and spent the long weekend stinking up my living room.)

All of that is to say, I know how the Bears felt on Monday, when players and coaches returned to the team’s headquarters on Monday and were greeted by a powerful odor. One reporter called it “wretched,” another “awful” and third said it was “vile, eye-watering.” To be clear, it wasn’t the metaphorical funk of a 31–3 loss to the Eagles. The smell was apparently the result of decomposing fish. 

From the Chicago Tribune:

“[C]oach John Fox indicated the source of the smell actually is spoiled sushi that was served late last week. Apparently, it was not disposed of sufficiently while Halas Hall was quiet over the Thanksgiving holiday.”

Later in the day, two players got in a loud shouting match within earshot of the press. So that’s how the Bears’ season is going. 

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