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Report: Bill Belichick Cuts Off Most of Controversial Trainer Alex Guerrero’s Access to Patriots

Tom Brady’s controversial trainer apparently had a falling out with Bill Belichick. 

Patriots coach Bill Belichick is restricting controversial trainer Alex Guerrero’s access to players, including Tom Brady, the Boston Globe reports. 

Guerrero had previously been given free reign to fly on Patriots charters to road games, access to the sidelines during all games and an office next to the locker room at Gillette Stadium. 

In recent weeks, though, the Globe reports, Belichick banned Guerrero from the sideline and stopped letting him fly with the team. He is also forbidden from treating players other than Tom Brady at the stadium. (Guerrero can still train players at the TB12 Center adjacent to the stadium, however.)

There have been rumblings about potential friction between Guerrero and Belichick recently. Belichick and Brady declined to address the topic during seperate interviews on WEEI on Monday. Team president Jonathan Kraft said Sunday that Guerrero “always seems like he’s in a really good mood” when he sees him at the stadium. 

Belichick also made it clear during a press conference in September that Guerrero, even though he was frequently on the sideline in Patriots-branded apparel, is “not on our staff.”

“He works at TB12,” Belichick explained. 

That work at TB12 involves many of the non-traditional training methods Brady believes are responsible for his longevity. He has worked on Brady’s book—the one in which Brady claims proper hydration is a substitute for sunscreen—as well as the $200 guide to eating like Brady.

Before becoming associated with Brady, Guerrero ran afoul of the Federal Trade Commission by claiming his nutritional supplement “Supreme Greens” could cure terminal illness.