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Watch: Bills Mafia Takes Over Jacksonville For Buffalo's First Playoff Game Since 2000

Bills fans were not missing out on an opportunity to tailgate a playoff game after going 17 years without a postseason appearance.
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It's safe to say Bills fans are really excited about Buffalo being back in the playoffs.

Between their reaction to the the Bengals touchdown that sent the Bills to the postseason and the money they've donated to the charities of the men who made that touchdown possible—quarterback Andy Dalton and wide receiver Tyler Boyd—the members of Bills Mafia have been front and center, showing their love of their team and their gratitude to finally see that team playing playoff football again.

So, prior to Buffalo's game against the Jaguars, Bills Mafia wanted to show the team just how well it travels for a game like this.

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And to think, all of this came after the Jaguars said the Bills didn't use all of the tickets they were allotted for the game.

Bills fans are such a force in Jacksonville Sunday that Jaguars fans are taking lessons on tailgating from them.

The table breaking is so contagious even Bill Cowher wanted to join in on the fun.

If the players have as much energy as the two fan bases, this should be an entertaining game. The Jaguars host the Bills at 1 p.m. EST Sunday.