Report: Ryan Shazier Has Movement In His Legs and Is Walking

The Steelers linebacker has reportedly regained movement in his legs.
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Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has regained movement in his legs and is taking part in a regular walking routine, Adam Schefter of reports.

On Thursday, Shazier sent out a photo of himself standing next to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Shazier was released from University of Pittsburgh Medical Center this same day.

According to Schefter, the next three to six months of Shazier's recovery will indicate just how much function he will regain. Additionally, a source told Schefter that Shazier is "making incredible progress."

Shazier was initially hospitalized in Cincinnati after suffering a spinal injury in Pittsburgh’s game against the Bengals on Dec. 4. He was transferred to UPMC, where he underwent spinal stabilization surgery. 

Shazier first attended a Steelers home game two weeks after the injury and was at practice in a wheelchair on Jan. 10. The team has been providing only occasional updates on his condition.