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Eagles Fans Destroyed a Hotel Awning, But Not Before Doing Backflips Off of It

R.I.P. Ritz Carlton awning. 

What is it about a Super Bowl win that makes football fans want to climb everything in sight? 

I thought the highlight of the celebrations would be Philadelphians—despite a coating of motor gear oil—managing to scale street poles. But I think it was actually what Eagles fans did to the awning in front of the Ritz Carlton on South Broad Street.

It started as a few brave souls climbing atop the awning and doing trust falls. 

But eventually the crowd grew and the awning could no longer support their went, so it went crashing to the ground. 

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All that was left was the awning’s skeleton, and people began making off with the remains as souvenirs. 

I’d argue this is fitting because the Patriots are the most Ritz Carlton NFL franchise.