Kirk Cousins Stars in Local Super Bowl Ad With Donald Trump Impersonator

Kirk Cousins makes a pretty good actor. 
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Super Bowl viewers in the Washington, D.C., market were treated to a very special commercial starring Kirk Cousins and a Donald Trump impersonator. 

This is the second year in a row that the Washington-area fireplace retailer has featured Trump impersonator John Di Domenico in its ad but this time he was joined by Cousins. 

Di Domenico is a “casual Eagles fan,” according to the Washington Post, and enjoyed working with Cousins. 

“He was great,” Di Domenico told the Post. “The guy’s so nice. Honestly, I was kind of amazed that we got him. We went from like a rotary phone to the iPhone X in 12 months.”

Cousins has met the real Trump, too, playing golf with him in July while the president wore a Make America Great Again hat. 

“Look, if it had been any president—far left, far right, middle—I was gonna go,” Cousins told SI’s Greg Bishop. “That’s the President of the United States. If any other former president would love to play golf, I’m open to it. Let me know.”