The Bengals tackle was a unanimous selection for the position.

By Khadrice Rollins
March 11, 2018

Bengals tackle Eric Winston was unanimously re-elected for his third term as NFLPA president, the organization announced Sunday.

Winston has been the NFLPA president since 2014, having already served two two-year terms.

This term could be particularly important for Winston because is he can get an extension on the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, it would decrease the chances of another lockout.

The league's current CBA expires in 2021, so it is likely that during the next NFLPA presidential term, there will be another lockout. Winston, however, will not be eligible to run for NFLPA president for that term if he doesn't play during the 2019 season, he said on PFT Live.

Last season Winston played in eight games for the Bengals and started in two of them.

Last August, Winston made headlines when he said he is expecting a lockout in 2021 and that players in the league now do not care about whether or not the league is still around in 20 years.

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