Watch: Malcolm Jenkins Responds to Questions by Holding Up Signs on Criminal Justice System

Jenkins spoke out on the criminal justice system with handmade signs.
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Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins is continuing to speak out against the criminal justice system and social issues but this time with handmade signs.

On Tuesday, Jenkins responded to reporters's questions on the Eagles being disinvited to the White House by not speaking but holding up posters. His responses started with a poster that said "You Aren't Listening," while others referenced the number of people shot by police this year and Colin Kaepernick giving $1 million to charity.

As reporters continued asking Jenkins questions, he flipped through the posters rather than saying anything.

On Tuesday, the safety released a statement in response to the White House disinviting the Eagles from celebrating their Super Bowl win.

In his statement, Jenkins addresses the efforts taken by himself and others around the league to help improve their communities such as teammate Chris Long donating his 2017 salary and meetings players have had "with police departments, elected officials and community advocates around the country."

Jenkins also discussed how Donald Trump mentioned the way the Eagles stand for the national anthem as part of his reason for disinviting the team. Jenkins said the White House decided to lie and "paint the picture that these players are anti-America, anti-flag and anti-military." Jenkins also made sure to clarify that none of the Eagles kneeled for the anthem during the regular season or postseason in 2017.