Aaron Rodgers’s Two Biggest Fears Are Heights and Sharks

Defensive ends are presumably third on the list. 
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There’s nothing NFC North fans fear more than Aaron Rodgers, but the Packers quarterback has his own fears, too. 

Rodgers revealed to NBC’s Peter King that he’s pretrified of two things in particular. One of them is heights. The other is sharks, though that didn’t stop Rodgers from jumping in the wayer with a blue shark for a Discovery Channel program as part of the network’s annual Shark Week, debuting July 22. 

“The only reason I wanted to do the shark thing,” he said, “is I have two main fears: sharks and heights. I’m not gonna jump out of a plane. But sharks, I don’t know. I watched “Jaws” when I was a kid and always felt like they’re in the water, out in the ocean water, and one’s got my name on its back and it’s gonna munch on me. I wanted to conquer that fear because I love the water. I love paddle-boarding. So they [the Discovery Channel] came to me and my agent and I said, ‘Yes. A hundred percent yes. I want to do it. They got Gronk too, and Lindsey Vonn. It was in the Pacific, outside San Diego. There’s a big continental shelf that drops off and the depth goes to thousands of feet. There’s an upswelling of water and there’s a bunch of predators there. So we went out to that spot. They found this blue shark and got me in the water, nose to nose. It’s crazy.”

Other athletes appearing on Shark Week this year include Rob Gronkowski, Lindsey Vonn and Ronda Rousey.