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Watch: Chiefs Turn Tyreek Hill Touchdown Celebration Into 'The Office' Parody

The Chiefs had some fun with the touchdown, comparing the two's celebration to one of the greatest moments in television history.

The Chiefs (6–1) are staying alive in their quest for the NFL's best record, so it only makes sense their touchdown celebrations reflect those aspirations.

When Kansas City's Tyreek Hill scored in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs' 45–10 win over the Bengals on Sunday, tackle Eric Fisher pretended to perform CPR to the wide receiver.

The Chiefs had some fun with the play by comparing the two celebrations to when Michael Scott learns how to perform CPR on The Office.

This isn't the first Office inspired move from an NFL team this year. Earlier this year, the Browns won the summer with aparody of The Office intro by featuring players at the team's facility.

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The Chiefs will play the Denver Broncos on Sunday.