Panthers' Eric Reid Expounds on Issues With Malcolm Jenkins, NFL Players Coalition

Eric Reid provided more detail about the meetings between the NFL owners and the Players Coalition.
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Panthers safety Eric Reid provided details on what caused some of his problems with Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins and the NFL Players Coalition following Carolina's 36-21 win over the Ravens Sunday.

Reid, who called Jenkins a "sellout" and "neocolonialst" after getting into a pregame confrontation with him last week, explained what was going on in the meetings between the owners and the Players Coalition. He told reporters how in the conversations with owners, it became clear the owners were trying to simply use money to get a black player on their side to be the face of an agreement between the two sides.

Along with that, Reid spoke on how the league's efforts to change the policy regarding standing during the national anthem coincided with when Jenkins announced he would stop protesting police brutality and racial injustice by raising a fist during the playing of the anthem.

Additionally, Reid commented on the financial burden that was being placed on the players in the attempt to work with the owners and donate to causes to help their communities and the various problems related to the issues they are protesting. Reid told reporters how the owners were capping the amount players could donate, preventing the players from raising funds from outside companies, putting unfair requirements on the players to continue the donation program and limiting the amount they would contribute by only matching player funds instead of deciding their own amounts to give. This came after the owners mentioned in the meeting how much money they had and how much of an impact they could make in the community if they wanted to.


"When I say neocolonialism, that's what I mean," Reid said when asked if the league was trying to pay players to stop protesting. "It's funny, [Buffalo Bills owner] Terry Pegula said, 'black figurehead' and that's literally the definition. When you use a black figurehead to push a white agenda, and then hide behind that black figurehead to get your agenda accomplished."

Reid also mentioned how the league put out the idea of cutting funding from the Breast Cancer Awareness and Salute to Service programs to fund the donation efforts with the Players Coalition.

Sitting at 5-2 on the season, the Panthers host the division rival Buccaneers next week.