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Terrell Owens on End Zone Celebrations: 'I Wish I Played Now, I'd Probably Have a Million Followers'

Owens tallied numerous excessive celebration penalities in addition to his 153 career touchdown catches. 

Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Terrell Owens racked up 1,078 receptions in his 15-year career, leading the league in touchdown receptions three times. He also earned more than his fair share of penalties and fines from the league office. 

Owens was famous for his outlandish end zone celebrations in addition to his receiving prowess, drawing flags for dancing with cheerleaders, grabbing a bucket of popcorn and sprinting to the star at midfield of Texas Stadium, the former home of the Cowboys. But the legendary wideout thinks he wouldn't be so harshly criticized for his celebrations if he played in 2018. 

“I wish I played now," Owens told Sports Illustrated's Greg Bishop. “I’d probably have a million followers. I’d be a trend-setter. One of those guys that fans really adored."

The league has seen a slew of creative end zone celebrations this season, including a Motown tribute, game of limbo and an Allen Iverson tribute. Owens would fit right in with today's stars.