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Chicago Brewery Offers Free Beer for Kicking Field Goal in Effort to Defend Cody Parkey

Chicago brewery Goose Island Beer Co. is offering free beer. But there's a catch. You've got to make a 43-yard field goal. 

Leave it to Chicago to make the most of a Bears playoff exit that came in one of the worst ways. 

Kicker Cody Parkey missed a 43-yard game-wining field goal attempt on Sunday in the team's NFC Wild Card matchup against the Eagles, and Chicago lost 16–15. Parkey was booed off the field as the Bears' (12–5) playoff run ended.  

Well Chicago fans were upset taking anger out on Parkey who quickly became the butt of jokes and a new social media challenge—#CodyParkeyChallenge.

CARROLLBears Teammates Have Cody Parkey's Back After Game-Ending Missed Field Goal

The play was ruled a blocked kick on Monday, but that isn't stopping a Chicago brewery from defending Parkey. Goose Island Beer Co. is offering a fan a year's supply of free beer if he or she can make a 43-yard field goal, and prove themselves worthy of going after the kicker. More information is to come, but the company teased the promotion on Twitter. 

If anything will help Chicago fans move on from Sunday's loss, free beer for a year is a pretty good start.