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Report: NFL Competition Committee to Consider Making Pass Interference Calls Reviewable

The outcome of Sunday's NFC title game between the Saints and Rams could potentially prompt a change.

The NFL's competition committee will consider making pass interference calls reviewable by instant replay when the league's leaders discuss potential rule changes this offseason, Mark Maske of the Washington Postreported on Monday.

According to Maske, the league's latest look at the issue comes in light of Sunday's NFC title game outcome. The Los Angeles Rams stunned the New Orleans Saints 26–23 in overtime after a late blatant pass interference call against the Rams went uncalled. While the non-call was not reviewable, NFL senior vice president of officiating reportedly told Saints coach Sean Payton afterward that the penalty should have been issued.

Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman himself admitted he committed the penalty and told reporters after the game he "got there too early" after getting beat.

The Saints could have had the chance to run time off of the clock before attempting a field-goal, if the pass interference had been called. Instead, the Rams mounted the comeback and secured their place in the Super Bowl.

Although the NFL has been using a replay system since it was reinstituted in 1999, the league has refused to allow subjective penalties such as pass interference to be reviewed. One league source told Maske this year could be different.

"It will be discussed at length along with additional fouls that coaches feel should be subject to review," the source said.

Any change in the rules must be approved by at least 3/4 of the league's 32 owners.