A pair of Saints stars put their hard feelings aside to take part in one of the best commercials that aired during Super Bowl LIII.

By Kaelen Jones
February 04, 2019

Perhaps the most exciting part of Super Bowl Sunday was an NFL 100th anniversary commercial featuring a plethora of NFL stars, old and new.

The promo centers around a black-tie banquet hosted by league commissioner Roger Goodell. Among those tabled were Saints stars Drew Brees and Alvin Kamara.

NFL chief marketing officer Tim Ellis told NBC Sports' Peter King that filming for the viral commercial took place during the middle of the NFL playoffs and several segments were shot at different locations.

Brees and Kamara participated in the spot following New Orleans' loss to the Rams in the NFC Championship Game.

"Logistics were fun," King writes in his column. "With the spot being taped in the middle of the playoffs, Ellis had some faux banquet rooms, with tight shots, built with the same décor as the L.A. venue. [Baker] Mayfield flew to Boston and did his piece with [Tom] Brady there. [Patrick] Mahomes flew to Orlando and did his piece with [Russell] Wilson there, making a throw that was 'caught' on the L.A. set by [Odell] Beckham. Extra credit to Brees and Kamara for doing their piece in New Orleans a couple of days after the bitter loss in the NFL title game."

The NFL released behind-the-scenes footage of its making of the video on Sunday. It's not as dramatic as the actual commercial that aired, but the jokes, flips and mashing that took place to put it all together is certainly interesting.

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