Jared Goff went 19-for-38 for 229 yards in Super Bowl LIII.

By Khadrice Rollins
February 04, 2019

Rams coach Sean McVay was quick to take responsibility for Sunday's 13-3 loss to the Patriots in Super Bowl LIII, but so was quarterback Jared Goff.

Following the disappointing performance in which McVay's squad matched the record for fewest points scored by one team in the Super Bowl, the highly-heralded play caller told reporters he was "outcoached" by the opposing Bill Belichick.

Although McVay may have been first to shoulder culpability for Los Angeles's offense woes, he was not the only member of the squad to do so.

Speaking to Michael Silver of NFL.com, quarterback Jared Goff explained why he is pointing the finger at himself for the poor showing.

"What really stings for me, especially as a quarterback, is that our defense played so well—and I wasn't able to deliver," Goff told Silver. "It was me. It was our offense. And we—well, I—couldn't do my part.

"It wasn't a game we needed 30 points to win. We needed two touchdowns, and I couldn't get it done. That's on me. I'm the guy who has to drive this offense."

The Los Angeles offense was a powerhouse throughout the regular season, ranking second in the league in points with 32.9 per game. However, the three points the Rams mustard up on Sunday were the fewest in McVay's two years with the team. The previous low was six, which was set in a December loss to the Bears.

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"I'd like to play better in a moment like this," Goff said. "And I will be better because of it. I'll try to learn from it, and process it, and get better moving forward. I understand all that. But it's pretty tough to think about right now, because we had a great opportunity, and we didn't capitalize on it. It's my job to lead us. I didn't get it done, and it sucks."

Los Angeles failed to run a single play inside New England's 25-yard line during the championship contest. Goff got the offense to the Patriots' 26 on one drive but was sacked the next play to set up a 53-yard field goal.

Later on, in the fourth quarter, the Rams got down to the New England 27. After missing on a throw to Brandin Cooks on first down, Goff tried to take a shot again to Cooks on second. However, he was unable to properly account for the Patriots' blitz and his throw for Cooks was intercepted, all but sealing the loss.

"Obviously, I should have thrown it away," Goff said. "I knew it was "zero"—of course I did—but I thought I could make a play. I didn't realize [cornerback Stephon] Gilmore was staring at me, and I threw too early. I put it in a bad spot. It was dumb. It was stupid. I will learn from it. But it really hurts right now."

Goff added that the loss is difficult to deal with because he knows he "didn't do enough" to get the win. He went 19-for-38 for 229 yards and was sacked four times in defeat.

He also said Los Angeles had opportunities to get the win, but, "we didn't take advantage of those chances, and that's my job."

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