It’s time for Madden to put some respect on punters. 

Niners rookie Mitch Wishnowsky handled kickoff duties in Monday night’s game against the Broncos and punctuated one third-quarter kickoff with an emphatic hit on Denver return man Devontae Jackson. 

That’s a really solid hit! Wishnowsky hits the hole, wraps up the ballcarrier and drives him backward. He clearly knows what he’s doing. 

Wishnowsky’s tackling skills aren’t reflected in Madden, though. As a former Aussie rules football player, Wishnowsky definitely knows how to tackle but the game’s creators didn’t put much stock in that. His 36 tackle rating is fourth-best among punters but still dreadful. Cowboys veteran Chris Jones, who has three tackles in his career, leads all punters with a 46 rating.

After the game, the Niners Twitter account lobbied for his pitiful 36 tackle rating to be raised and Wishnowsky agreed. 

What Wishnowsky should really be upset with, though, is his 40 hit power rating. After driving Jackson to the ground like that, he at least deserves a rating in the low 60s like Jones.