Aaron Rodgers and his fellow quarterbacks took on a special look for an annual Packers event.

By Khadrice Rollins
August 28, 2019

The Packers look like they're ready to play their next game with Grandma's house on the line.

The team hosted its annual "Welcome Back Luncheon" Wednesday and the quarterbacks decided to get dressed up for the special occasion.

However, they didn't go with suits and ties. Instead, the four quarterbacks dressed up as characters from Adam Sandler's classic film "Happy Gilmore."

Tim Boyle is Happy Gilmore. DeShone Kizer is Happy's golf coach Chubbs Peterson. Manny Wilkins is Happy's caddy. And bringing up the rear was Aaron Rodgers as the orderly who worked in Happy's grandmother's nursing home, Hal L., who was played by Ben Stiller.

All that's missing is an alligator for Boyle to wrestle.

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