Lamar Jackson may or may not win another NFL Most Valuable Player award, but regardless of whether he does he’s the MVP...meaning there is no one more valuable to their team.

I’m not necessarily saying he’s the best player or even the best quarterback, but Jackson IS the Baltimore Ravens. The entire way they play is predicated upon his unique abilities and when you think of what must be done to stop them, containing him is the only key. Yet even knowing that, teams routinely fail in doing so. 

Because Lamar is that special. Just ask the Kansas City Chiefs. Jackson’s skills were on display as he finally got a win over Patrick Mahomes notching his fifth career 200+ yard passing, 100+ yard rushing game, which is by far the most in NFL history. 

And while he can still stand to improve as a passer, particularly when in pure throwing situations, that is nitpicking as it isn’t as if his arm isn’t a weapon. People need to stop acting like he’s inept in that aspect. 

Then there’s his legs. He is quite simply the most lethal runner the QB position has ever seen and frankly as talented as any player overall has ever been with the ball in the open field. That dimension of his game is why it was a no-brainer for the Ravens to go for it late and why his career record as a starter is 31-8.

One way or another Lamar Jackson is going to get the ball where it needs to be and he may even somersault it there for good measure.