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Aaron Donald’s future in the NFL is still up in the air, but he continues to hint a possible return.

Donald documented his experience during Wednesday’s Super Bowl LVI Rams parade with a video posted to YouTube on Friday. Towards the end of the video, Donald spoke with Rams coach Sean McVay, whose future is also questionable in the league.

The dialogue is tough to pick up in the video due to the surrounding noise at the parade, but Underdog Fantasy’s Sosa Kremenjas picked up part of Donald’s quote.

“If you ain't here, I'm not here. I was here before you. I can‘t do it. We need you,” Donald said to McVay.

McVay then responded saying the feelings are mutual.

The exchange can be seen in Donald’s YouTube video at the 23-minute mark.

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Was this Donald and McVay’s way of telling fans they plan to return? Only time will tell.

It was previously reported that the 30-year-old Donald would consider retiring if the Rams won the Super Bowl. They did just that last Sunday, so of course the topic has come up constantly in the days since. 

In interviews so far this week, Donald has steered away from giving a straight answer by instead saying he is living in the moment right now. He did indicate that he's interested in a shot at back-to-back titles during the parade, after McVay started a “run it back” chant while Donald spoke to the crowd.

There were rumors that McVay could leave the sideline to transition into broadcasting if the Rams won as well, but he has since turned down those rumors and plans to return to coaching next year.

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