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Colin Kaepernick Says He’s Ready to Join NFL Team, Even In a Backup Role

Colin Kaepernick has made various headlines this offseason as he continues to workout with current NFL players and spark rumors of a possible return to the league.

During his appearance at Michigan’s Maize and Blue spring game on Saturday, he spoke with Detroit’s WXYZ about what message he has to NFL teams who may consider signing him to their roster.

“I can help make you a better team,” Kaepernick said. “I can help you win games. I know right now the situation likely won’t allow me to step into a starting role. I know I’ll be able to work my way to that, though.”

During his six seasons with the 49ers, Kaepernick completed 1,011 of 1,692 pass attempts for 12,271 yards. In his first three seasons (2011–13), he helped San Francisco to three consecutive playoff runs, even making it to Super Bowl XLVII. However, in his final season on the team, the 49ers went 2–14.

The 34-year-old is ready to prove that he has the capabilities to help teams win. He’s had a six-year hiatus, but per recent reports he is in better shape than ever after taking time to practice and develop his strengths. He is extremely open to joining an NFL roster for the 2022 season.

“To the teams that have questions, more than anything I will say I’d love to come in for a workout,” Kaepernick said. “I’d love to sit down with you and have that conversation about how I help you be a better team.”

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