49ers who are Top 5 in the NFL at their Positions

Grant Cohn

The 49ers have a top-five team in the NFL -- of course they'd have a few players who rank top five in the league at their positions.

On the latest episode of The Cohn Zohn Podcast, my dad and all the 49ers who rank top five at their positions. Here's the list we came up with:

1. Tight End George Kittle

Forget top five. Kittle is the best tight end in the NFL. He's a great receiver -- he could play wide receiver -- and he's an even better blocker. He's a multi-facted player, which is why deserves and is asking for lots and lots of money. 

2. Left Tackle Trent Williams

Like Kittle, Williams is the best at his position. He's both a great pass protector and a great run blocker -- most offensive tackles are good at one but not the other. 49ers right tackle Mike McGlinchey is an elite run-blocker and a so-so pass protector. 49ers former right tackle Trent Brown is a great pass protector and so so run blocker. Williams is like a combination of Brown and McGlinchey, only better.

3. Running Back Raheem Mostert

Every time Mostert gets the ball, I expect him to run for six yards minimum or break away and score a touchdown. And he rarely disappoints. Mostert is one of the fastest players in the NFL -- he ran track in the Big 10. He has long strides with high knee lift, similar to former 49ers running back Roger Craig. And Mostert is a football genius. He almost always finds the hole or knows which blocker to follow. He could lead the entire league in rushing next season.

4. Fullback Kyle Juszczyk

The only elite fullback in the NFL. Every team wishes it had its own Juszczyk, but he's one of a kind. He can make every type of block imaginable and he's a terrific receiver. He makes the 49ers' running game special and unique.

5. Middle Linebacker Fred Warner

Warner has been in the league only two season, but has started every game and never gotten injured. He's so smart, he's like an extension of defensive coordinator Robert Saleh on the field. And Warner is a phenomenal athlete as well -- equally good defending the pass and the run. He's the new leader of the 49ers defense now that DeForest Buckner is on the Colts.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Defensive End Nick Bosa

He had an excellent rookie season, and probably will be a top-five defensive end by the end of his second season. He just has to prove himself consistently for one more year.

2. Defensive End Arik Armstead

Armstead had a fantastic 2019 season, but that followed four mediocre seasons. He needs to show he's not a one-year wonder. But he played like a top-five defensive end last season.

3. Cornerback Richard Sherman

He still is excellent in zone coverage, but he struggles in man-to-man coverage and benefits greatly from the 49ers' excellent pass rush. Last season probably was Sherman's last terrific one. He's declining.

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Comments (5)
No. 1-3

Props to Grant for showing love to Mostert. The most underrated RB in the NFL. If Kyle would of just gave him the damn ball more in the Super Bowl we may have closed it out.

Mitchell Alan
Mitchell Alan

The Cohns discuss historic Niner receivers. Dwight Clark and George Kittle -- Doppelgangers? Guess so.


I think the same on Sherman, he got exposed in the SB! Teams are going to line up wide and go at him. I just hope he doesn't fall off a cliff like Revis did. What do you think of him moving to Safety?