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An Eagles Insider’s Take on 49ers DT Hassan Ridgeway

"In short bursts, he's very effective, but he's not the kind of guy you want to play 50 percent of the snaps in a game."
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The 49ers starting nose tackle next season will be Javon Kinlaw, who missed all but four games last season with a knee injury.

If Kinlaw misses more time this year, his replacement will be former Eagles defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway, whom the 49ers signed this offseason. To find out more about Ridgeway, I interviewed Eagles Today Publisher Ed Kracz.

EC: "He was good in Philadelphia. The problem was injuries with him. He had two of his seasons cut short, but he was a good player. He can help the 49ers' defensive front -- the Eagles just weren't going to bring him back. They went out and got Jordan Davis, but I like Ridgeway."

Q: How good is he?

EC: "In short bursts, he's very effective, but he's not the kind of guy you want to play 50 percent of the snaps in a game. I don't think I'd go that high. I would play him 35, maybe 40 percent of the snaps, and I think that's how he'll be most effective. I think his whole career has been spent in that role, so if you're counting on him to play 60, 70 percent of the snaps, I don't think that's a formula for success with him. Good guy, I think he can play but I don't know if he can play every down. I think he gets a little exposed and worn down, and injuries are a real thing for him. The Eagles traded a 7th round pick to the Colts to bring him here a few years ago, but two of those seasons he spent here he finished on Injured Reserve. So if you're counting on him to play more than 50 percent of the snaps, that's not good because of his injury history and I don't think he has ever done it."

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Q: If the 49ers use Ridgeway, it will be to stop the run on 1st and 10. Can he do that?

EC: "Yes, he can do that. And he can give you some pass rush up the middle, too. He had a couple sacks. He does have some explosion to his game. But over the course of 80 snaps in a game, you don't want him out there for 50 of those. You want to limit his usage to keep him effective."

Q: Is he the kind of player who looks more explosive in the first quarter than the fourth quarter?

EC: "Depending on how he's used. If you're managing his snaps properly, he can be a good reliever off the bench in the fourth quarter and give you some good snaps."

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